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Windows 10 Please help me start Windows 10- error: Preparing automatic Repair


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Dec 13, 2021
Windows 10
Edge 96.0.1054.53
Please help urgently. When I start my W10 laptop, the following happens:

Dell icon shows. Below this appears "Preparing automatic Repair".

Then "Diagnosing your PC."

Then "Automatic Repair". "Your PC did not start correctly. I click on Advanced Options and see Troubleshoot, which I select.

I then have 3 options: Reset this PC, Factory Image restore, Advanced Options. I select the last one of these.

Nothing here helps me. I go to Reset this PC and I want to keep my files. The problem here is that I have a laptop user the password of which I do not know, so I can't advance.

My only recourse here is to go to Factory Image Restore. I really do not want to do this due to the files I would lose.
Is there any way I can get around the password? I did find one possible way out. If I can open cmd I can enter: net user <<username>> <<password>>. And then change the password. Maybe. The problem here is that I can't launch cmd prompt. There is an option for cmd from Advanced Options, but the problem here is that again I need to enter the password. Can anyone think of a way to boot to open cmd, or any other solution for me please?

I would really appreciate help here as this is kind of desperate.


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Nov 5, 2018
Chrome Mobile 96.0.4664.53
Well the first thing I would try is boot to mini-win from a USB. I’m pretty sure that or something similar is on medicat dvd or hirens boot cd.
I am going to warn you now there is a very good chance your HD may be damaged, very common with laptops. So it’s worth testing the HD as well. Even if it’s damaged, moving it to an outboard usb enclosure and trying to retrieve files that way using any of a ton of programs out there will work.
I am writing this on an iPad getting ready to sleep so try the boot from usb and see if that gets you anywhere. I’ll sleep on it and have more answers tomorrow if needed.
Good luck.
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Jul 7, 2021
Windows 10
Firefox 95.0
There's a lot of PC unlocker software out there; get a friend to download ond and "burn" one to USB or CD and boot into your laptop BIOS. Choose to boot into CD or USB and follow the instructions. If you did not do anything drastic, a "Check disk" and repair form you original operating system should fix the disk error. If your hard disk is UEFI (GPT) it should pickup. If it is MBR, you may have lost the boot sector. Try to get your hand on a Sergei Strelec Boot disk. It can do all of the above from that amazing "tool". Good luck.

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