RAID is not Backup

RAID is not Backup


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Aug 18, 2010
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RAID is not Backup - RAID is not Backup

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What are the differences between RAID and a backup? Do I only need one of these? Are there any advantages to using both? Are RAID and backups the same? These are just a few questions you will often see when viewing a discussion about RAID and backups. This topic causes both confusion and debate. In this blog post we will attempt to answer some of these questions and help you ensure that your data protection needs are met.

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Nov 5, 2018
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Great post. RAID is s lot of things but it's becoming dated with the adoption of SSD and multi-Terabyte hard drives.
It still more or less assures local data integrity but you are 1000% right it's not data back up.
Given it's free or so cheap you are far safer storing important stuff off-site in the cloud. Fires happen, so do power surges and if the storage is at all connected to the source 24/7 well we just heard what grancrab and the like will do.
Stay safe my friends, it's a jungle out there.
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