Retrieve lost .wma (voice file) doing cut and paste

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Feb 13, 2020
Windows 10
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Need help...up all night trying to locate a .wma file digital recording 8 hours long. Important business file.
I was moving it from my computer to an external 60 GB hard drive to transport. I found it in documents along with 10 others from a business trip. I needed only 2 of them.
I made a file on my desktop to receive them. Did a cut/paste on the first one. Fine. Did a cut/paste on second one and it didn't paste. I checked the desktop file--not there.
Went back to documents and located it again---this time I double clicked to "hear it" and make sure it was right only had its title as WS401709. It started playing. I closed windows media and went back to Desktop to "Paste" once again. Nothing happened. Only the first file in the Desktop folder. Now went back to documents and WS401709 was gone. I've done every explorer check...did a search with the WS number, looked in every file on desktop, did C drive check, downloaded 3 different retrieval programs and none found it. I just did a search on "where do cut files go"? Said that they remain on clipboard which you can go in and access history and retrieve. But I don't know how to get to Clipboard. Found you're supposed to hit "windows icon and E"....but that just takes me back to Explorer and the list of files of been tearing apart all night!! Can anyone give me some guidance on this please?


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Nov 5, 2018
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Keep that stuff in the cloud. Google gives you 15 GB free with a gmail account. Their storage is redundant as all get out so it's not going anywhere. You can retrieve your files anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. No worries about lost drives. Portable flash memory can and will fail under a bunch of circumstances as well.
Don't cuss out loud, send it to the cloud!
Glad you did get your files back. :)
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Jun 23, 2012
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I would never have expected anybody to move a file with a cut/paste action.
You can hold shift down to 'move' a file, so that it will delete on the original after it is copied (sucessfully).
Or you could 'copy' a file with ctrl+C and then delete it after you copy it (not really necessary unless you are running out of space on the original).
It is always good to have multiple copies of stuff. You can delete some other time.
Also you can right click and select 'move to' and there will be various options.
Also, i think you can select copy from right click menu.
When you 'cut' something it goes on the clipboard. So, perhaps a clipboard history program? There is something on windows store. I didn't get it to work i think. Try '' and search for clipboard.
glad you got it back, somehow; an undelete program might have worked, like the one from the ccleaner people, recuva
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