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Top 12 Simple Tweaks to Speed Up Windows 10


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Feb 17, 2021
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In the process of using Windows 10 computers in PC & Laptop, surely at a certain time, your computer will show signs of running slow and sluggish that many causes are leading to this situation. Are you looking for a solution to speed up Windows 10 comprehensively to use your computer “smoother”? Want to improve the speed, make your Windows 10 computer faster to perform some heavy tasks?

Apply the measures Ticswipe.com introduced in this article will help you. Moreover, some minor tweaks also allow the computer to start up faster than usual.

Disable System Restore on Windows 10​

Disabling System Restore is an excellent way to free up memory and background processes in your system. To turn off System Restore on Win 10, do the following.

Step 1. You press Windows + E => right-click on This PC => then select Properties.

optimize on windows 10 45 - Ticswipe.com

Step 2. A new window appears, click Advanced system settings => select the tab System Protection in the new window (as shown below).

optimize on windows 10 46 - Ticswipe.com

Here, by default the system drive is in the state with System Restore enabled.

Step 3. Now click on Configure button => then click Disable system protection in the new window and click OK to turn off the system Restore feature.

optimize on windows 10 47 - Ticswipe.com

Step 4. Now recheck the tab System Protection and see that drive C in Off mode is OK.

optimize on windows 10 48 - Ticswipe.com

Turn off Startup Programs on Windows 10​

OneDrive is a cloud backup feature built into Windows 10, and will start with the system by default. This is one of the reasons that cause your Windows 10 computer to boot slowly and consume Internet resources. To turn off OneDrive starting with Win 10, you do the following.

Step 1. You right-click on Taskbar => then select Task Manager (as shown below).

optimize on windows 10 49 - Ticswipe.com

Step 2. In the window Task Manager => you switch to the Starup tab (as shown below).

optimize on windows 10 50 - Ticswipe.com

Step 3. Next, right-click on OneDrive and select Disable (as shown below).

optimize on windows 10 51 - Ticswipe.com

To turn off other Windows 10 startup applications, do the same as above.

Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10​

Windows Defender is a stable and free antivirus, but it can cause many inconveniences for users who prefer comfort and freedom. Furthermore, Windows Defender always runs in the background and consumes system resources. Therefore, to speed up Win 10 comprehensively, you need to note this issue. To turn off Windows Defender, do the following.

Step 1. You open Windows Defender by going to Control Panel => Windows Defender (or right-click on the Windows Defender icon => choose Open).

optimize on windows 10 1 1 - Ticswipe.com

Step 2. In the Windows Defender interface, click Settings (as shown below).

optimize on windows 10 52 - Ticswipe.com

Step 3. In the installation window, you switch from the On to Off state of all options.

optimize on windows 10 53 - Ticswipe.com

Turn off Windows Firewall on Windows 10​

Step 1. Click Windows + S => search with the keyword Firewall => then click Windows Defender Firewall (as shown below).

optimize on windows 10 28 - Ticswipe.com

Step 2. In the firewall interface, click Turn Windows Firewall on or off (as shown below).

optimize on windows 10 29 - Ticswipe.com

Step 3. Finally switch Off both Private and Public Network network options (as shown below) => and click OK

optimize on windows 10 30 - Ticswipe.com

Turn off Graphic Effects on Windows 10​

The graphic effects will be very nice on the powerful computer interface, but for PCs & Laptops with normal to weak configurations, it is a pain. To fully speed up Windows 10, you should disable this feature in the following way.

Step 1. On the main screen of Windows 10, right-click and choose Personalize (as shown below).

optimize on windows 10 31 - Ticswipe.com

Step 2. In the settings page, choose Colors => then switch to Off status of 2 options.

  • Show color on Start, Taskbar and Action Center
  • Make Start, Taskbar, and Action Center Transparent
optimize on windows 10 32 - Ticswipe.com

If it’s Windows 10, switch Off in the Transparency effects option, and uncheck the two options

  • Start, taskbar, and action center
  • Title bars
optimize on windows 10 33 - Ticswipe.com

Source: https://ticswipe.com/top-12-simple-tweaks-to-speed-up-windows-10

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