Windows 10 1903 (May 2019)


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Nov 5, 2018
Latest update currently available of MSDN. It's a biggie folks. I miss the Service Packs and update Tuesdays (well the Tuesdays are still kind of around). I handle IT in house and for a bunch of commercial and retail customers and can't wait (just kidding). It seems the MS has developed a strange habit for taking one step forward and two steps backwards in the last couple of years. How many times has a MS fix made even more problems that wait for another patch lately? Worst part is I get the blame, part of the job.
Well hang on. MS has issued some wording with this update that there may very well be problems with existing programs. Please post any info here.


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Mar 4, 2019
Lets hope this update doesn't mess up audio setting in my programs and apps like the last major update did. When's the supposed to be released anyway? End of May?


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Apr 17, 2019
Vermont, United States
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Tried to get this latest update and the usual after 3 failures at auto update,
went and downloaded the latest service pack and the cumulative update.
Guess what, they fail to install as well, but the service packed failed because it was already there (Haha).
The cumulative update (the biggy) failed :
Some Updates wre not installed
The following updates were not installed
Security Update for Windows (KB4494441)
Thank you very Microsoft for this great explanation once again.
No error code or anything as to why it did not install.

Good luck Once Again Get a Newer Version Update Installed
from 1809 to 1905, will go and find this newer version and install it.

All The Best to You All !!


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Aug 20, 2010
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Windows 10 updates are a mess, and thats why i install updates manually.

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