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Anti-Terrorism Groups


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Nov 5, 2018
You know we have some pretty good talent around this forum. I was involved with some anti-419 activity back in the day. I am sure the fact there is so much money and knowledge security on the line these days there are positions either paid or volunteer out there that will at least earn you some pretty awesome knowledge or even money as well as some major cred. It does take up some time and it does require some discretion.
I can tell you this: you will learn more computer and Internet knowledge than any school degree might offer you and Internet security is the hot ticket to some high payng jobs just about anywhere.
On top of that I have to admit I had a bunch of fun and some satisfaction being among the guys who wore the white hats. Oh by the way, the anti-terrorism thing is kind of a joke since 99% of these are ransom attacks from crimials hiding out in coutries that don't have reciprocity with the attacked countries. Keep in mind, that goes both ways and to have law enforcement at least turn a bilnd eye to these types of counterattacks makes it all that much more fun.
It sure beats the heck out of the days when I was waiting for someone from the MPAA to come knocking at my door. I lived that way for years. It sucks