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Brightness indicator is stuck on my screen


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New Member
Jul 19, 2022
Windows 10
The brightness indicator is stuck on my screen in the upper left corner. It will not go away or close. I can change the brightness, but the "slider" stays there all the time. How do I remove it? It only appeared about a week ago.
Windows 10, HP Pavilion All in One desktop.
How I love All in One's? Let me count the ways. I used to cringe when they showed up for repairs. Just not a good idea from the engineering aspect. Rant over.
Short story is, In the search box, right side of task bar, type "device manager".
Left click on the first result.
Scroll down to the >Display adaptors, click once to expand the listing.
Right click on whatever shows up in the expanded profile and choose "uninstall device".
A box pops up and gives you the option of removing the driver as well or something like that,
Check the box, then click uninstall, then reboot. If you are on line, Windows should grab a new driver when you reboot, you may have to change the new install display resolution.
An aside, but HP may offer an enhanced version of this display driver on their site, not knowing the model number you are going to have to check this yourself.
FYI I have had mixed results using the OEM supplied drivers. If your system is a little older, the OEMs may no longer update drivers that the hardware manufacturer has issued. So do that at your own risk. If the driver Windows update works and suits your needs, don't bother. It may have been those HP customizations that ultimately caused your problem.

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