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How to install a software


New Member
May 17, 2023
texas, US
I just downloaded an app from torrent and their readme.txt said to copy the cracked file to the location where the application is downloaded. but when I opened the app, it still showed that the trial period was still there. so can somebody help me with this, please
1) do you have the download folder restricted from being scanned for viruses patches false positives?

See this link if not:

I just installed Windows 10 or 11 (WHAT NEXT)

We should always add the folder "Downloads and the USB Drive Letter to the list so nothing is automatically removed by Windows security from these locations. Personally, I include all my drives to the list so none of my work gets messed with by Windows Defender.
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Look at the install code and make sure it states to put the crack in the download folder as it is likely it should go to the program installation folder and then run it as an administrator.
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