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Request: BlackMagicDesign DaVinci Resolve Studio v18


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Jan 16, 2023
Hey thumper, thanks for the all the help you have provided earlier and still providing.
I'm pursing a career in motion graphics: so I planned to focus by laying the strong foundations and then building something strong. This requires a lot of resources- Time, money, infrastructure, etc.
My present condition is I do not have a job just I'm finding my way around to make do with the resources I have and trying to filling up the gap by working hard.
Earlier I asked you to provide a link for adobe illustrator and aftereffects and you provided them and to make them worth it, I started working on them. I have done with the basics and now practicing on my own while watching youtube to improvise and learn more. However, from quite some time I am coming across this software by BlackDesignMagic "DaVinci Resolve", so I started my research and found out that this software fits my profile and want to explore more on that. Although there is a free version available but the features are limited which does not allows me to explore things.
PS: I like DaVinci Resolve more than Adobe Ecosystem as it is more stable, resource friendly and work on node based system. (I like node based system more than layer based).
So, I would like to explore more on this software. So, again it is a request if you could provide the software it would of great help.
I hope you understand.
Waiting for a positive reply.
Haxnode has already taken care of that. Try a search @ 1337x
Sir is he any good?
I dont remember exactly but earlier when I tried to downloaded his content my antivirus flag it since then I'm skeptical.
Even wrt crackhash- reddit says that his content comes with backdoor trojan, etc
BabuPC is another one who posts malwares within the torrents
Not sure about SunRiseZone & KolomPC
So, I don't trust them, thus posted here.
But I you say I can try..
That's the power of 1337x. The posts are usually vetted by the staff and they allow uncensored posts so if there is a problem, the members will post that. Not that all download posts must include a virustotal scan. As far as your a/v acting up, they usually do with cracks. It's usually not a virus, it's just detecting abnormal activities and that's what cracks usually do to work.
Many times those positive hits are a "professional courtesy" to prevent cracked copies being used, nothing more.
That's what makes 1337x the only torrent index I use and I have never been burned.
okay, I didn't know that the posts were vetted by staff and thats the real cool feature. I hope that it persists and grow in future.
Sure, will download the latest version of that and try working on it.
thanks brother