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ThumperDC I need help with your Portable Photoshop CS6


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New Member
May 17, 2012
Hello there,

I am curious as to whether I could install extra fonts on This Photoshop CS6 Portable install.
I am a graphic designer I it is kind of essential to be able to install new fonts for me..

So I really hope I could do so with this portable version as its great for me to use on multiple machines.. Id hate to have to get the non-portable... :(

So I really hope you could possibly help me. Id greatly appreciate it.

also I noticed it is default set up in Arabic.. I switched it to East Asia type, and it renders text in a US english way, which is what I was looking for, but could I switch it somehow to just normal Western Type?

Thanks for your time buddy. Thanks for bringing this to us! you rule! :)

Take care.
Awesome! :)

I think I got all my extra font files to work!
I simply installed them to the system fonts! I am so surprised that worked. I figured it would only work if I copied them to the font folder in the photoshop portable directory.

Thanks anyway. I am glad I got that to work. That is the first time that worked for me like that on the Portable Versions of Adobe Photoshop.

So thanks anyway. But feel free to comment on the Western type situation.
hello i face problem in installing
i facing problem it jusk ask to login? any solution need internet connection need guide to install after copy file in installed directory still nothing happen i have windows 11Screenshot 2023-02-17 120423.png


  • Screenshot 2023-02-17 120520.png
    Screenshot 2023-02-17 120520.png
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