what should i do please help just a newbie


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May 11, 2012
hi there guys can u help me out? i have this huge proglem i got no VIDEO CARD just built in. now i cant play my old game because my internet accelarator aint working it has a ? on it.. what should i do?


Oct 8, 2010
Cincinnati, OH
Humm.. Well seems there could be a few different problems Richard.

First of all, you may need to update you drivers for the integrated video card. Even though it is integrated into your motherboard; it is still a graphics card and it does not know it is 'built in' - It is a separate piece of hardware according to your operation system.

Sooo, I would refer you DriverPack Solution where you can automatically update all drivers that need updating; although it is 3 gigabytes and considering you are complaining about an integrated video card, that may be quite a bit for you.

Now if it isn't and you can download that without a problem then by all means download that and use it to update not only your video card drivers, but all necessary drivers on your computer!

I would link you to where you could find your drivers but I do not know what video card you have; most likely it is an ATI/AMD or an nVidia. I also would need to know what type of windows you have.. Again, normally I would start out by just simply asking that (basically you did NOT provide enough information in your post) but I am feeling nice today so I am going to take the time by posting a rather long explanation so you can properly fix this problem!


Step 1:
Find out what type of integrated video card you have:
Start -> Run -> dxdiag -> Press the 'OK' okay or 'Enter' on your keyboard.

Step 2:
This may take a minute or two to completely load, let it do so...

Click on the 'Display' tab

Step 3:
Go ahead and Google the 'Name' of the integrated video card. But just put drivers at the end.

Example:<i></i> I would google
AMD Radeon HD 6670 Drivers

Step 4
Whatever the results are, your best bet is to click the top. I can not guide you through this part because I do not know what type of card you have. Just download the drivers and install them and after installation is finished, restart your computer and attempt to play your games again.

That's okay, you said something about an Internet Accelerator -- i'm going to ignore that because whatever your problem is with your games, it is not because of your internet accelerator. -- I'm also going to go ahead and guess that the game is browser-based (IE: Your game is on the internet)

First of all, try using Internet Explorer to play, or FireFox, or Chrome? None work? That's okay. The last thing that will most likely fix this problem is the fact that internet games are almost certainly going to use either Adobe Flash or Java.

These are both easy to download at either of these links:
Click here to download Java
Click here to download Adobe Flash Player

Download both of these. Also make sure your Windows are updated Microsoft Windows Update

One of those should fix your problem if it does not, just reply and let me know and we will continue to try and fix this problem for you bud :book:

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