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What Win7 Version Is Good Enough to Run on P4 Laptop?


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New Member
Jun 6, 2012
I'm new to the forum. Not sure if this is the right place to post the question but I'm posting just so I can get some help from people who actually know about computers, unlike me.
I've had a dell laptop for ages now. And its still running. Its a pentium 4 laptop. Got it way way back in the day, 2006 I think. The Model is Dell XPS M140.
It originally came with windows xp. Win xp is good and all but I was looking for upgrading to Windows 7. I have already got Ubuntu 12.04 LTS running on this baby & I haven't had any complains other than no support for my iphone 4S ( yea, I am that person. With a good phone & crap laptop :$ ) The itunes software, the sn0wbreeze thing for jailbreaking just supports Windows or Mac OS.
So I wanted to know what version of windows 7 should I go with? Home Premium or Starter Edition?

Graphics Memory 512
Networking Options 802.11a/g
Screen Size Type Widescreen
Type General Purpose, Media
Weight 5.9 lb
Processor Family Intel Centrino
Storage Capacity 50 GB
Primary Optical Drive DVD+/-RW (Plus Minus)
Screen Size 14.1 inches, 14.1 inches
Operating System MS Windows XP Media Center


La Patróna
Aug 18, 2010
Any version of windows 7 will work for you lappy but i dont suggest to install windows 7 with 1gb ram only!

anyway, you decide about it.
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