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Windows 11 Update


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Nov 5, 2018
I was interviewed by a couple of school systems, good news is one shoud hire me.
Here's what I heard from both when I asked are you ready or have you started the upgrade.
For the students:
They were using Windows 10 system and laptops. They worked well for remote instructon.
They both abandoned Apple as the costs of their equipment both to purchase and repair is the issue. Both districts stopped using Apple for that reason
They had dabbled in Chrome based hardware but didn't feel it was worth losing many features the others had to offer so Windows seemed to satisfy their needs quite well.
Then came the Windows 11 hardware extortion edict.
I am not going to go into the reasons that brought that on, just the end results.

Both these districts are in faily affluent areas with a fairly large tax base supported by both local industry and real estate taxes.
Both districts, faced with the huge costs of replacing the existing Windows 10 hardware not suitable for upgrade had decided to eventually replace as many Microsoft Windows 10 hardware with Chromium based products. There is no way they can present a bill for Windows 10 upgrade hardware to the school board who in turn answer to the taxpayers. Chrome books are much, much cheaper.

This should be one heck of a ride if they accept me for the position, I know I would.
So this is just a little slice of what system admins are going to face with the impending upgrades. In the end I think it's going to cost Microsoft revenue and many customers. The hardware manufacturers who I think is behind most of this don't care. Either way you are forcing admins to purchase new hardware no matter what O/S is running on it.