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Activate Windows


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Thanks for the helpful tips on how to activate it with a digital license or product key. I wanted to chime in and share that I recently came across a tool called "KMSPico" that can activate both Windows and Office for free. I found it to be really helpful and easy to use. I'm not trying to sound like an ad, I just wanted to share this resource with you all in case it helps someone out. Here's a link to the website I used to download it kmspico-download.org. I hope this helps someone out there who may be struggling with activation.
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Just keep in mind all Antivirus programs will go bonkers and delete KMSpico as soon as you grab this program even if it's embedded in a compressed archive. Thanks for the post.
As an alternate option, you can open the Run prompt by using the command Window+R, after that enter the command "SLUI 4". A windows activation dialogue box will appear. After that follow the instructions as appeared in the dialogue box.

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