How to Activate GodMode in Windows 10


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Jul 2, 2019
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I made an announcement about this already but I'll repeat it again on this blog make sure you have system administrator privileges right click on the Windows 10 desktop choose your new folder name the folder god mode all one word as "GodMode" {ED7BA470-8E54-825C-99712043E01C HIT ENTER RETURN


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Jun 23, 2012
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I tried going back to windows xp. the 'black' version at least made it bearable, but it really is ancient now, dated.
There are lots of ways to use linux to make it look like windows if that is necessary.
Thank goodness they wised up at MS and made windows licenses a permanent thing (meaning no more upgrading, having to buy a new license, unless you have a OEM version I suppose).
If your computer can't run windows 10 then don't go back to XP, which is insecure and just old. Try out linux for versions that support your hardware, run lite, etc.
This windows 10 god mode thing is like being able to use windows like a linux user.