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I Got Me a New Toy


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Nov 5, 2018
Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro
As much as I don't want one, I couldn't beat the price (free). It's has an i7 so it may replace the pile of crap I have at me GF house (a Dell Lat. 13" i3 touchscreen, ughh.). I am guessing the battery is shot so that's probably $90 I have to sink into the thing. Cosmetically it looks good but these machines have a horrible service record I believe. That's fine we also recycle e-waste is it comes to that.
Anybody have any experience with these? I restored it to it's native Win 8 but will move on to Win 10 if I keep it and if it's possible.
Well I will be dipped in poop! HWINFO reports battery is still at 95.5% capacity. This thing's specs looks like it should be a hot rod. We shall see......
So alright I got me 2 toys the one above and a IdeaPad Yoga 13 i5. They are kind of confusing but I like the way they don't forget they are laptops too. Too many of those flip screens act like tablets with a keyboard attached.
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Well good news, the Yoga 2 Pro upgraded to Win 10 no problem, I am posting from it now. The Yoga 13 went back to the shop and I have it for resale or whoever wants it. I gave the Dell to my GF to give to somebody and be a hero. I think this Yoga 2 Pro beats the heck out of an iPad. Huge touchscreen, flips to become a tablet and a good keyboard and touchpad for conventional use.