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Issue between Win 10 update and Google Chrome


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Aug 20, 2020
The only things happening at the same time were 2004 update to Windows 10 and inability to open my Google Chrome browser without re-logging in to all apps, including gmail. Samsung Galaxy Note 30 ringtone
The Chrome account in upper right says the sync is paused. It is possible Chrome updated at the same time, but don't know which update is causing the problem.
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Before you hit the panic button trying clearing everything out. That means first using Chrome's built-in function to clear everything, if it's a must keep passwords but cookies, etc. gotta go. Next get a program like CC (portable if you don't care to install) and clean everything else out. You might want to take a look at add-ons you have installed to Chrome, you can always uninstall them and reinstall, at least make sure they are up to date.
That should do it. I haven't had your problem under the exact same circumstances which is why I question cookies and extensions, they are the only variable I can think of.
Possible conflict between Windows 10 update (2004) and Google Chrome. Issues include Chrome requiring re-login for all apps, including Gmail. Sync is paused, unsure if Chrome update coincided. Also, mention of Samsung Galaxy Note 30 ringtone.
Windows 10 2004 update coincided with Chrome issue, requiring re-logging and showing sync pause. Uncertain if Chrome update also occurred simultaneously. Investigate conflicting updates or seek assistance from Microsoft and Google support 웃긴 .
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It's normal, you should have backup /data/ folder. You can get some access if you login with your gmail in chrome. All the rest is gone. You can use chrome portable from portableapps and you won't lose your settings if you reinstall windows or an update overwrite your settings. The only problem with chrome portable is the updates, not frequent like original chrome.