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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks


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Nov 5, 2018
Well, well, well. Time to give Adobe Premiere Pro a try. I have always had a hard-on for Adobe products. I was used to the old primative ways: demux, recoding w/ Pegasys. Audio was cleaned up and enhanced then resynced. Image processing was done frame by frame then putting it all back together. Granted today's transcoding programs have come a heck of a long way, the old way was an art form. Anyway those were the DVD/Telesync/Telecine days. Getting direct video was done with a Telecine machine. I won't go into the particulars, but the folks that brought you films back then took some major big-time risks.
We lived for The Oscars. That meant that screeners were being shipped to all the voting members. Later on the MPAA got wise and started to embed serial numbers into the screeners. Sometimes the delivery of those screener were delayed a day :rolleyes:. The films being displayed in theaters had all kinds of sneaky ways of ID'ing where the source was being screened. So sources had to have that munged out before distribution. Near the end of when I was participating, the production companies started messing with frame rates so if you tried to cam the film, the VTR cameras back then would record filckering images.
Now a days you are considered a hero if you record a protected web stream and transcode it. I haven't wasted the bandwidth on these remux jobs. Problem with remuxing is if there is a defect that you can't really notice at the native resolution, blow it up and so does the defect. My home theater only has 2.1 sound so I have no idea what the created 6 channel audio sounds like. I left the scene just as Blue Ray was being adopted so that's uncharted territory for me.
Giving all that history time to try an automated video software package thanks to Thumper's efforts: Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 v23.1.0.86. I have a hard time trusting software from another source. Wish me luck.