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win 11 activision on two computers


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New Member
Jan 5, 2023
Hello there!

A question: If i install win 11 and activating it with new win 11 retail licence i've bought, will i be able to install and activating it with the same licence on my other laptop? or only 1 os can be activated at the same time? and if so, is it possible to activate win on one pc while the other pc wont be activated, while transfering the activision from one pc to another pc. from time to time, just to update windows via windows update, and then transfering back the activision?
No you can't. It's a server-side authentication and it is based on an ID generated by an algorithm (usually MAC ID I am told), so the license become unique to your system. Have a look thru the posts here, you can still get an activated license on the other system. Welcome to the forum.
Thanks. i didnt understand this: "you can still get an activated license on the other system"
Thanks. i didnt understand this: "you can still get an activated license on the other system"
Oh well do a search here for KMS and I think you will see what I mean. I am not the one to ask though, with my old job I got a ton of licenses. Unfortunately they are all OEM licenses embedded into the BIOS of my systems and aren't transferable. The fact you have a COA key you purchased, you can always have it on one machine. If you move it you may have to call Microsoft and make up some BS line like you had to replace the motherboard, but they will validate that key to one machine.
KMS bypasses that validation but in essence it is not a legitimate copy although you will have 100% of the Windows functions. Many here have said they have had in the past/currently do use it
Yes I agree, I have done this on my laptop without any problems and there is a script you can run which makes it easier then the old KMS