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Stuck in automatic repair cycle


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New Member
Dec 23, 2022
So my computer is stuck in the automatic repair loop. When starting, it comes up with preparing automatic repair, then diagnosing pc then goes to the blue screen saying your pc did not start correctly. I have tried all available options and in troubleshooting I cannot access the options as when I try to log in with my Microsoft login it says it is incorrect. I have changed it and still says that it is incorrect. Does anyone know a fix for this?
Sounds like trouble. Might be a driver conflict, do you know how to start in safe mode? Otherwise it could be a hardware problem. Hopefully you have access to another system, you are posting here. Get a diagnostic USB stick built, two I use are Medi-Cat DVD (just the name, loads from USB) or go to portable apps, search engine will find both. Test the RAM and the HD, I suspect the HD. If everything passes, boot to Windows from your USB stick, offload your data and do a system restore. If it's the HD, you know what that means, Santa needs to bring you a HD and you need to make a visit to Microsoft and download a fresh copy of Windows.
The bright side if you do need a HD replacement, it might be a good idea to replace the "C" drive with a SSD, prices have never been lower. Keep a USB or install another HD for data and a work drive and Keep "C" for Windows O/S and other system related duties. Beat on the other HD, onboard or USB enclosure.
Sounds like CMOS battery may have lost its charge on the battery. When this happens the system boot sequence is set back to factory, on bootup you will need to use the boot options F11, F12, or delete key depending on your system. Set the date and time and set the boot drive to the drive that has your Windows system.

When this happens it usually is trying to boot from USB and your user and pass will fail as you need to select the HDD at boot and it should fix this if this is your issue.
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