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MICROSOFT Office PRO Plus 2016


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New Member
Oct 1, 2017
Hi admin, I'm new too like dsam1211, I've downloaded your software but haven't opened it yet as I'm new to computer software installation, can you please mail me the step by step guide to install the office. It would be a great help for me. Thanks Sandy.


New Member
May 8, 2017
Asking for a seperate download for the activator this way people don't have to download 2 gigs again


New Member
Oct 19, 2017

I am facing an issue in installation as I get the error 'cannot verify signature'. I tried the usual troubleshooting but nothing worked.

I have a 64-bit system and running windows 10.

Can someone assist me with this?


New Member
Nov 2, 2017
When I trie to run run Office instalation it shows an error mesage:

KMSAuto Net 2015 v1.3.8 by Ratiborus
Unhandled exception has occured in your application. If you click
Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue.If
you click Quit, the application will close immediately.

Access to the path `C:\ProgramData\KMSAuto\KMSAuto Net.exe´ is denied.

Details Continue Quit

What can I do?


New Member
Nov 6, 2017

I get this error while clicking the provided installer:


Anyone knows what to do? I am running Windows 7 64bit


New Member
Nov 5, 2017
installed on my old laptop with no problem.

But with my newer laptop, it keeps failing. Whenever I run the activator as administrator, few sec after that it fails and the system deleted the file by itself automatically. I guess windows update has prevented this.

someanon said:
After 4 or 5 unsuccessful tries this is how I managed to do it:
System: Win 10 Home 64; No AV, AntiMalware etc. except Windows Defender

1 - Uninstall the previous, unsuccessful install. If you have other office related stuff in the list you see in the "uninstall or change a program" window uninstall them too.
2 - Restart your PC.
3 - Stay online but deactivate "real-time protection" from windows defender settings. (If you have other AV etc. deactivate them too)
4 - Create 3 new folders with random names.
Cut&paste "KMSautonet...exe" file into one of them and rename it, make sure its name doesn't resemble a crack-file's name.
Cut&paste all the read.me files into the second folder you've created.
Cut&paste all the other files into the third folder.
Delete the original folder.
5 - There are 3 different setup.exe files in the folder. Run setup64.exe (AS ADMINISTRATOR) if your system is 64bit .
6 - After the installation ends close the related window.
7 - Open Word by double-clicking on WINWORD.EXE which you can find here: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
8 - Just close or accept whatever window opens on Word's splash screen. Don't try to open a document.
9 - Close Word.
10 - Run the KMS activator file AS ADMINISTRATOR whose name you changed .
11 - If a warning pops up that says something like "Convert Office Retail -> VL" choose OK. Choose the related option in the following window that opens automatically; wait couple of seconds.
12 - Now you must see the KMS AutoNET2015 v1.3.8 main window. Click on "Activate Office".
13 - Wait like a minute or so until you see the auto-scrolling log stops. It finishes by a line telling the process was successful.
14 - Now you have to able to open Word without problems.


New Member
Nov 27, 2017
Sorry for asking a repetitive question but: The programs run nicely, though the activation is missing. I ran also the other .exe, it has shown first "activated" but then tells me in 1 week everything will expire.. Help appreciated.


New Member
Nov 29, 2017
Hi i installed the programm but i can not find the patch file, please can someone specify that for me
thanks in advance

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